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interpolations Studio

Interpolations Studio

620 S. Elm Street #363
Greensboro, NC 27410

call for art money in politics

CALL FOR ART: Money in Politics

The finance of elections. Enabling/disabling candidates. Changing our political landscape and effecting our personal landscapes. Changing the rules. Influencing our votes in ways previously unknown.

Invitation To Participate

Artist activists, willing to confront the influence backed by millions of dollars, each in their own way are invited to contribute over a common format.

The Site will host artist created sites from now until after the 2016 election. Each site will be the primary site for 2-4 weeks ( home page, etc) and will remain active through a home page link included in the subsequent sites. Participants will be allowed to upload their site over FTP to the server and include a database if necessary. Party preference will not be considered. The only requirement is that campaign finance be the focus. Due to the nature of this one you should be an American Citizen or Resident. Determination of inclusion will be based on relativity, creativity, originality and artist merit. Interactivity in any form will be a plus but is not required. Promotion will be a group effort beginning with myself and the studio.

Apply here

Interpolations Studio is the working studio of Karen Niemczyk. Occasionally the studio functions as a gallery and hosts solo shows for talented graduating seniors from area universities (and the Greensboro area has a number of them). Currently the studio is hosting a Call For Art.




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Bellinger Memorial Award

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2014 Regional Artists Hub Program Grant

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Milton Rhodes Center | Winston-Salem 2015

MINT Gallery | Atlanta 2015

Art & Madness: Cultural Center Melina | Athens, Greece 2014

Culture Hub:ART + TECH | NYC 2014

InLight | Richmond, VA 2013

Röda Sten | Gothenburg, Sweden 2010

ARC Gallery | Chicago 2014

Currents | Santa Fe, NM 2013

Arrow Five Years Out Denver | 2013

First Brush of Spring | Indiana

Athens Video Art Festival | Greece 2012

Cuerpo y Tierra | Pucullpa Cultural Center, Peru 2012

Between Time & Space | Lima, Peru 2011

La Casa O’Higgins Gallery Peru 2012

Salem College | Winston-Salem 2011

Boundries | Cyprus

InLight 2010

Living with Uncertainty

ART/TECH:Interface | NYC

Digital Craft | UNCG Greensboro

Tránsitos y Confluencias | Peru

International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media

Rotor II | Gothenburg, Sweden

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