Karen Niemczyk

Interpolations Studio

I’ve spent the last few months struggling with my art. This year I have created four new works — two completed, and two nearly there. By choice, I have only shown one of them and that one only locally. During the process of this last piece my perspective has been changing — morphing into something I hardly recognize as myself. I am currently in Chicago to research and make a decision regarding the direction I will take. I have given myself a deadline of months end to make this choice.

Life’s knowledge is granted on the basis of personal past. This entire year to date has been an introspective grasp at life’s splinters that consume me and I am now preparing to fling those fragments into the future by way of my artwork. I will carry through with the past, but by slowly introducing where I have been I will acknowledge at the same time my need to commence upon a new path. I will record this upon this freshly scrubbed slate, and in doing so mess it up and sort it out. This is the beginning. The site — not unlike my life — will change rapidly over the next few weeks and months, as I make my decisions and step into the future.

Please be patient and come back soon.