Light Sculpture
Steel/LEDs/Arduino/Found objects


MELANCHOLY ... projects a coloration of specific mood, and it's influence on the individual (or collective) view of the surrounding world. In a global view, melancholy has been associated with many colors - or as a lack of those same colors. The light sculpture projects the changing light on an 'ordinary' setting: a quiet sitting corner consisting of an oil of a carnival mask, and a shelf of books.


The painting of the mask, Carnival, represents the expressionless face from both viewpoints. From the person without to the person within. From without, the mask is influenced by the color tainted of the viewer; from within the mask there is the provision of shelter for the wearer - a protective shield to hide the wearer's melancholy from external perception.

The covers of the books are brought forward by the different hues - the titles reflecting different linguistic and cultural interpretations of the state of melancholy. The perception of the state of melancholy ranges from an advantage, to an abnormal phase of normal, or even into the realm of insanity depending on the intensity. Cultural and societal interpretations play a large part in the perception of melancholy; yet it is almost universally recognized as an important contributor in deep thought and creativity. The light sculpture itself, aside from its function in changing the local environment, also provides a clue into the seductive qualities of melancholy and the more extreme moods in themselves.

melancholy old version

Melancholy is changing and will soon be as it was always envisioned. A sphere containing hundreds of glass shards will reflect the light, creating a dangerous sadness. Please check back later for images of the completed project.

niemczyk melancholy