Low Hanging Clouds

Urethane, Electronics, Light

"My current work, Low Hanging Clouds, captures for me in a very physical sense the soothing and beautiful shifts in the most elemental and worldwide perceptions of our planet; the daily light cycle with its variety of soothing, majestic color and depth. Cycles that, when noticed, may allow for the catching of breath and the relaxation of the mind.

Low Hanging Clouds acts as a release valve for me. My last few pieces have been attempts at making figurative attempts at reducing the stresses and pressures of surrounding life. My previous work Conceptual Illumine was an effort to visualize a fragmented and melancholic beauty used to fill in the gaps of a world stripping itself of the ideal - wrapping itself in crude reality - imagined slights and hatreds.

Beyond the interpolations of our endless new cycle, of ugliness and pain there is the part inside that fights to own itself, to control its personality, take ownership of its actions, and search for and accept and gift love.

But the mind tires while spending days in which those closest feel the obligation to correct even the most personal behaviors and well-established knowledge and habits. It tires of being blamed for unintended consequences, real or perceived. It tires of imperfections pointed out without pause or guilt. When personality is condemned, placed secondarily to others perceived notions of how one should appear or behave. Tired of the direct and uncalled for criticism of actions entirely separate in cause and effect from the criticizer. Of intimidation frustrating and destroying confidence. Tired of the times that patience as a virtue sends the soul plummeting to earth.

At that point the body plants a seed of rebellion, sprouting and exploding, taking on a life of its own. The soul, from its place lying in the mud and muck, the ruins, takes on its last kick, its last nudge. Rebellion explodes into the mind, things become unstable, unusable. The mind falls apart, the body brought to its knees.

When healing is a necessity for the continuation of the soul.

Healing needs a catalyst. A catalyst to inspire that catching of breath, that distraction from stress to beauty and peace, that absorption of color and silence that gives the mind that first glimpse of peace and allows for the hint of better to come. The beginnings of healing.

Low Hanging Clouds is my catalyst. Even considering and undergoing the trials of its design, and the total lack of ability while it its creation phase of myself as the artist´s capability to explain it, draw it, or even at many points visualize it. I knew what I wanted it to be. What I wanted it to say. I want it to bring the light and the joy of the consideration of that special light indoors, the blues of the sky, the colors of the clouds. To bring peace to the room even when the occupant doesn´t have the time or sense to go out doors and watch. To uncage the remedy allowing for the release valve to function safely and even joyously.

Low Hanging Clouds consists of a number of Urethane clouds. The clouds bring outdoor lighting in through the use of LEDs and electronics. They flood the ceiling with skylight, and light themselves with the boldness of daylight, the dimness of a moonlit night, or the beauty of sunrise or sunset. They can mimic the outdoor conditions with the grayness of rain or the flash of lightning. They feel goo,and remind the soul that although the world may become gritty and complex the soul may still recharge with the song of birds, or the colors of a sunset."